Swissport Horizon

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions regulates the relationships between Swissport International Ltd (Geneva), hereafter Swissport, and its customer regarding the booking and purchase of services at Genève Aéroport via the  Swissport Internet site.

Swissport is delivering services inside the airport, with  highly qualified and specially selected staff.
The Lounge Services include paid access to the lounges, to the self-service snacks and beverages, to the Wi-Fi Internet Access and to available newspapers.
The VIP Services include assistance with the check-in process or with  baggage claim, access to the VIP lounge and to its self-service snacks and the limousine transportation to/from the aircraft.
The VIP Door-t-Door Services include the same advantages as the VIP Services and furthermore the limousine transportation from the home/hotel/office (within the Canton of Geneva) to the airport or vice-versa.
The services are only available for the person namely signed-up during the booking and for the number of persons indicated at this moment.

The customer will provide Swissport with all information and documents Swissport will need to fulfill its mission. This includes the name and first name of all passengers, airline name and departing or arriving flight number, as well as all the data necessary for the payment of the booked services.
The customer must comply with all usual air transport regulations as well as the policies, rules and laws of the airline, of Genève Aéroport and the countries involved in the travel. This specifically applies to customs regulations and travel documents requirements.
In addition, the customer has the obligation to be present on time for appointments set by Swissport. Otherwise Swissport will not be held liable for any late arrival at the aircraft. 

Lounge services booked on Internet must be paid directly via the site. An e-mail message will confirm both booking and payment.
VIP services booked on Internet must be confirmed by Swissport VIP agents. Upon acceptance, the customer will receive confirmation by e-mail with the data necessary for the payment. Upon receipt of the payment and without any further notice, the VIP services will be fully confirmed.

Swissport will treat information provided by the customer with maximum care and confidentiality. No information will be forwarded to a third party, except the necessary data for our limousine service partner, the authorities or airline.

Swissport liability regarding its services will  end upon termination of the mission paid for. If a  mission could not be completely executed due to causes beyond its control, Swissport cannot be held liable. This applies particularly  in the case of flight delays or cancellations, strikes, total or partial closure of the airport.

Swissport may refuse a part of or all services to any customer:
a) who is under the influence of alcohol,
b) whose behavior towards other customers or agents or whose inappropriate attire could cause discomfort to other lounge or limousine customers,
c) who arrives late for a departing appointment,
d) who comes with a greater number of persons than indicated in the booking,
e) who has not completed  the payment.

All cancellations must be communicated at least 24 hours in advance. Past this deadline, the service is due in full.

Due to governing laws, we are unfortunately unable to provide services to passengers having pre-booked a PRM (Passenger with Reduced Mobility) Service (known as WCHR-S-C). These services can only be provided by the qualified staff of GVAssistance Service S.A. Unaccompanied minors cannot be handled by the VIP service.

Swissport reserves the right to revise these service terms and conditions at any time without prior or further notice.

These Terms and Conditions and any service provided by Swissport shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland and any dispute about it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Geneva.